Infinity Swimming Pool

First, let's have a brief what infinite swimming pool is?

Infinity swimming pools, also known as a zero size pool, are high in luxury with its visual tricks. It generates an illusion of optical water at the edge of the pool and gives a no edge feeling. Cascading through the pool water will provide you with a clear and unrestricted view over your surroundings, and blend the environment seamlessly to create a perfect picture. It will make you realize that there is no separation between the water and surrounding landscape features.

These beautiful luxurious pools, often seen on the rooftops of houses and hotels.

Infinity pools- A new innovation in pool designing

The infinity swimming pools have their own precursors and have been introduced by John Lautner, a modernist architect. However, also thanks to the latest modulations in fibreglass swimming pool designs, you can have your pool installed in your backyard.


To understand how an infinity pool's engineering and technology work behind the edge, which makes water disappear into thin air, is nowhere less fascinating in comparison to the pool itself. So what exactly happens- the water going over the edge falls into a catch container which gets located below. Where in the normal pool, to contain the water, all the pool walls get installed higher than the water level. On the other side, an infinite swimming pool walls get built at the same height as the water level, to make the edge invisible. At the edge, walls play a role of a slope here and cascade the water downside.

An infinity swimming pool gives an illusion of a waterfall and a great addition in the house, in terms of increasing elegance and value.

There are three main components which work for infinity swimming pool and affect the cost:

Construction of a unique edge on the swimming pool shell;

Building the pool shell using Rib technology to give it a freestanding structure, to support the sides and top of the edge; and finally.

Constructing the tank or hiding pool to keep the water.


To build and utilize the maximum benefit of the infinity swimming pool, it is essential to keep a few things in mind. These pools can only be built in-ground if the ground has a natural, appropriate setting and gentle slope.

Though the slope in the infinity pool helps in holding the tank, it needs to be invisible; otherwise, it can ruin the effect of the view. For making a better view of the landscape, it is necessary to clear all barriers in the way, and not to waste the expense and effort of building a remarkably beautiful appearance.

However, it is not an easy task to create an artificial slope for holding the weight of a swimming pool; we prefer to use concrete to give it a secure and clear look. We have successfully installed a number of infinity swimming pools across London. We implement the latest technologies which integrate a robust structure beneath the pool shell, to make the entire pool structure durable and strong enough.


Well, It is extremely difficult to change the entire structure on any pool, after installation. The construction process and technicality which needs to be used during the work, are entirely different. So, we recommend you to take enough time before finalizing any pool design, as it is going to be a big investment.

It doesn't mean you cannot change your existing pool in a brand new swimming pool. We can do some additional engineering work to meet your specific requirements, though it may get a little costly and can take a longer time than usual. Plus, we can turn a standard pool shell into an infinity pool.


Just like any other swimming pools, infinity swimming pool also keeps all the safety measures at the top. You'll strike into the wall freely without fear, as there is no danger of falling over the edge accidentally.


Since Infinity swimming pool construction includes complicated designing and constructing processes with advanced technologies, you may need to take care of the additional features and maintenance requirements.

However, these pools get constructed in such a way that cleans the water themselves. Moreover, you have to make sure to have a regular inspection to check the water level- to keep the water falling over the edge constantly.


Although Infinity swimming pools are not cheaper, the way this pool enhances the aesthetic beauty and value of the house - is incredible. This is one of the reasons; infinity swimming pools are becoming a desirable swimming pool choice for many.

Latest Maxi-Rib-technologies and bespoke designing play a huge role in making your infinity pool even more spectacular and make it durable and long-lasting, and truly magnificent to see.

Therefore, if you need any expertise to construct an infinity pool or want to find out more about having a backyard infinity pool, do not hesitate to contact Swimmingpoolbuilders.

We will be happy to help you in achieving your dream project.

How Much Does an Indoor Pool Cost?

Getting an accurate quote for an indoor pool is important however the price can vary greatly based on several factors such as the design you select, the size of the pool, and any extra features. Moreover, indoor pools often require building extensions, which are also added to the total cost of the project

At Swimming Pool Builders we believe it's impossible to give an estimated cost that covers every situation.  Our dedicated team of indoor swimming pool builders is ready to collaborate with you, creating a plan that aligns with both your vision and your budget.

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