A Swimming pool always sounds like a luxury and the idea of swimming in an own pool that summoned nature rather than sealing it out with chemicals is rapidly growing in popularity across London.

If you're thinking of designing your own Garden swimming pool, take a look at our expert advice which you should consider before moving ahead with your project, and then scroll down for our favourite swimming pool approaches from the archive.

Whatever step you are at now, there's no doubt that the swimming pool is a significant investment and the range of options is increasing every day. As per our expertise, the key to having a perfect swimming pool is doing a few homework.

So, if you are looking to build a swimming pool in your garden, here are a few essential points you should consider.

  • Why you are building your pool: Start with establishing your reasons for wanting a pool. Considering these facts before initiating a work, will help you to determine the shape, size, depth, accessories which you want, and even the type of construction. However, if you are not able to decide what you should, our expert team is always available for you in determining the right shape and pool for you.

If once you are short with all these things, the rest path is going to be easier. But before moving ahead, let's have a look at a few more complicated questions.

  • The positioning of the pool: First, check with the council and building regulations, as it may impact on deciding the location of your swimming pool. Do not forget to check about site coverage allowance, location of utilities such as gas, telephone, electrical wires and water lines and proximity to wastewater fields. A few other facts to consider:
  1. Consider checking how your garden pool is going to look alike from inside and other parts of your house.
  2. Does your garden pool location expose enough sunlight and be able to keep water warm?
  3. Considering how people will enter and exit the pool is one of the most crucial factors.
  4. Check for wind exposure as it may cool down the water and increase evaporation. However, you can use the shelter to prevent wind flow.
  • Are you looking for an alternative option for chemical cleaning: A garden pool is in trend, and people are looking at it because of its naturalistic look in their gardens. In the garden swimming pool gives you an option for natural filtration and processes.
  • Consider your budget: The average cost of building a garden swimming pool could be £2,710.00, depending on customized shape and size, this price can go higher. Then there would be the ongoing costs of filtration and keeping the water clean (chemicals, saltwater chlorinators, self-cleaning units and suction cleaners). However, we will discuss it with you at our meeting, as the cost gets determined, concluding several other aspects.
  • Materials: Concrete and fibreglass composite these two materials are often used in building any swimming pool. Vinyl pools are another option, and they have a pre-constructed flexible liner, which easily fits into the gap and is attached to a reinforced wall frame made of steel, aluminium or a non-corrosive polymer.
  • Pool maintenance: Maintenance of a garden swimming pool comes under a completely different category. While caring for a natural environment of your pond maintenance, your pool has more similar gardening than the chemistry, you would be performing with a conventional pool.
  • Does my swimming pool add and value? Though it's tricky, in general swimming is a great way of adding extra enhancement in your property. As per the few surveys, the swimming pool would be almost essential to achieving a maximum price, if it is maintained and built correctly.
  • Who is your builder?: This is one of the significant aspects, which is going to determine all of your entire process of garden swimming pool construction.


Having Specialising in construction of all kinds of swimming pools, we concentrate our expertise on delivering quality commercial and domestic pool projects as well as pool refurbishment. Our professionals hold expertise in all the main types of pool construction including formwork and stream timber shutter and pour, sprayed concrete and also blockwork reinforced pool shells for deck level, skimmer and infinity pools.

Our significant experience in completing our project as clients expectations and on time, keeps us stand apart from others. Our dedication towards our work has helped us earn a reputation for quality and detail within the pool construction industry.

We leverage our clients with:

  • Entire pre-construction planning and help in finalizing the best suitable pool type, keeping their preferences in mind.
  • Well experienced and professional team with the ability to work to exacting standards
  • Expertise in all type of pool construction
  •  Regular examination of the construction process keeps you in look, to avoid any minor error.
  • Flexible approach

So, are you ready to move ahead to construct your dream project? Contact us today to discuss further.

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