Going Underground: Luxury Pools, Spas, and Steam Rooms

Outdoor pools may be the dream, but sometimes, city living or other constraints can make their construction challenging. But who said you can't have the luxury of a pool within your urban abode? Enter underground swimming pools - an increasingly preferred choice for those wanting to add an extra layer of luxury, increase living space, and boost their property's value.

At Swimming Pool Builders, we're experts in underground swimming pool construction. We're not just talking pools, though. We maximize the use of your underground space to incorporate an array of luxurious amenities including spas, saunas, steam rooms, and even gyms, crafting an exclusive leisure area just for you.

But it doesn't stop there. We continually strive to bring you more than the ordinary. Through our creative design approaches, we turn any underground space into an extraordinary leisure haven, without compromising the integrity of your building's footprint.

So, why just dream about luxury when you can live it? With Swimming Pool Builders, you're just a step away from owning an exquisite underground pool and leisure area.

Designing and Constructing Your Underground Swimming Pool

The design phase of an underground swimming pool project is a critical one. We create a functional living space with an environment that is impeccable in both quality and aesthetics.

Undisturbed by the outside elements, basements provide an ideal setting for indoor pools. Thanks to their concrete floors and absence of weight limitations on the floor or ceiling, they offer a solid foundation for construction. Plus, they tend to be less expensive to maintain and operate, given that heat loss—an issue with outdoor pools—is significantly reduced in this enclosed setting. This is particularly advantageous during the chillier months and unpredictable British weather.

At Swimming Pool Builders, we appreciate that each client has unique design preferences and requirements. That's why we place tremendous value on open, ongoing communication with our clients. Before we commence construction, we make sure we have thoroughly assessed both the visual and practical aspects of your project.

Our project managers conduct regular site meetings and ensure close coordination with engineers, architects, and contractors, orchestrating all facets of design and construction for a harmonious build.

We partner with you in this journey, listening and advising every step of the way. Our goal? To deliver a final product that not just meets but exceeds your expectations. After all, we're not just building a pool—we're crafting an experience.

Exciting Features of Basement Swimming Pools

Basement swimming pools provide an extraordinary opportunity to bring advanced technologies and innovative features into your home. One such remarkable feature is the moving floor technology. With this, you can adjust the floor depth according to the swimmers' needs or even raise it to the level of the pool deck. This transformative feature allows you to convert the pool area into a usable space for non-swimming activities whenever needed. 

In addition, you can bring in the allure of natural elements with water features such as waterfalls, fountains, and bubble jets. If you're after a challenging swim, resistant jets can provide an endless current to swim against.

Lighting also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the allure of basement pools. In the absence of natural light, well-thought-out lighting designs can create an inviting ambiance. Consider installing uplighting on the walls and adjustable mood lighting both inside and outside the water. These lighting elements can transform your pool into an atmospheric oasis, offering an immersive, sensory experience right in your basement.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Basement Pool?

The cost to install a basement pool varies widely, influenced by aspects such as the scale of your project, its location, the materials involved, the size of the construction team, and the project's duration. It's worth noting that indoor spaces, like basements, generally have a cost advantage over outdoor pools due to less heat loss.

Choosing to install a basement pool is a significant step, one that brings the dual benefits of an upgraded lifestyle and increased property value. Our team of professional basement pool builders is eager to assist you in navigating this thrilling venture. We can provide a customized cost estimate and expert guidance, helping you take the first step in this home improvement journey with confidence and excitement.


If it is the first time when you are looking to convert our basement swimming pool, fear not. We have expertise in building swimming pools with clean air and chemical-free water zones.

As the design and construction stages while building a pool, needs to be analyzed to ensure full acquiescence, safety and standards, there are several numbers of considerations which need to be the focus on. Style, shape, materials, size, efficiency, features and accessibility are a few things which impact a lot in any pool construction process.

Here we have put together a list of the main things which we always keep in the centre while constructing a basement swimming pool.

  • Shape and design: We always keep your place layout and your needs in mind while installing any pool in your basement. It also depends on how and how your swimming pool is going to be used. However, if you are contemplating installing a pool only for leisure use, then you can have the most shapes and sizes options. If you are a sports person and looking forward to using your swimming pool for playing games, we will suggest having a long, straight section with parallel sides pool 4-5 ft deep, to enable you to swim laps effectively. Just let us know your intentions before building the pool, and our experts will help you with the same.
  • Movable floor: Movable hydraulic pool floors are the best option for those who want to keep their basement space free and simultaneously looking to avail benefits of an indoor swimming pool. In this, the pool floor gets constructed completely to cover the pool water or reduced to create a range of pool intensities. We offer a wide range of finishes from tiles to stainless steel in this pool, so you can choose any to fit with your design ideas perfectly.
  • Lighting: You may also be aware that the basement area often does not have sufficient light. However, you can go to illustrate your pool area using beautiful artificial lighting. Our basement swimming pool lighting solution includes pool spotlights, wall lighting and in-pool lighting. You can choose any for creating the perfect ambience of your pool environment. The lighting can help in developing a relaxing atmosphere, and you can also alter and dim the ground by pressing a single button.
  • Features of water: adding some additional water features are a great way to add style and charm to your basement pool. We provide you with a wide range of water features which can fit perfectly with your basement environment. Our water feature range includes mini-waterfalls, bubble jets, stream fountains, massage jets, resistant jets to provide a constant current for swimming.



How Much Does a Basement Pool Cost?

The cost of a basement pool can be more than an outdoor one, mainly due to the extra building work that's typically needed. But that cost can swing up or down depending on things like the complexity of your design and the unique characteristics of your basement.

Giving you a precise number without knowing these details would be like trying to hit a bullseye blindfolded. But don't worry! Our expert indoor swimming pool builders are here to help guide you.  Let's start this exciting journey together!

What are the running costs of a Basement Swimming Pool?

Curious about knowing the ongoing costs associated with owning a basement swimming pool? Let's break it down. Your expenses will largely revolve around two key areas: firstly keeping the water clean and secondly maintaining the pool's temperature.

To keep your pool's water sparkling clean, you'll need pool chemicals. These ensure the water remains safe for swimming and doesn't damage your pool's structure or equipment.  If you're conscious about cost savings, you might want to consider freshwater pools, which don't use any chemicals, or saltwater pools, which typically require fewer chemicals than traditional chlorinated pools. Even though your basement pool is indoors, it can still lose heat, particularly if it's not used regularly. 

Do you need Planning Permission for a Basement Pool?

While basement swimming pools generally don't demand planning permission, there are some exceptions to the rule. For instance, if your project entails carving out a new basement, you'll definitely need to seek planning permission from your local council. The regulations governing such projects can differ greatly from one area to another. Swimming Pool Builders advice our customers to check with your local authorities to clarify the rules and ensure your project complies. Being proactive in this way helps prevent any hiccups down the line, so you can focus on the exciting task of creating your dream pool.

Can a Basement Pool be heated?

Certainly! Heating is absolutely an option for basement swimming pools. The operating costs with regard to heating your pool can vary depending on several factors such as size of your pool or the chosen heating technique. For a more detailed discussion about heating options and the associated costs, feel free to connect with our expert team. 

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