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Custom design pool in Esher

After years of designing and building incredible swimming pools and outdoor pool houses, we’ve done it all. No project is too big, too small, or too complicated. Our innovative and functional design translates into low-stress, time-saving construction for you.


Concept Design

If you are looking to add an original, stunning visual element to your garden, Swimming Pool Builders, has a team of experienced designers to turn your vision into reality, all while staying within your budgetary, lifestyle, and design requirements.


Diverse Pool Styles

Our Swimming Pools in Esher

From simple plunge pools to complex freeform designs, every swimming pool is built to enhance your lifestyle and express your personality. Our range of styles includes outdoor, indoor, infinity, garden, and basement pools.


Detail Technical Design

Our Swimming Pool designers can take any concept design and create a detailed technical drawing that can be used to build your dream pool. Our extensive knowledge of pool construction means that we can make informed choices when translating concepts into reality


Technical Maintenance

Swimming Pool Builders offer a full range of technical maintenance services for our clients. Each member of our technical team is capable of a wide range of services including water testing, PH Balancing, and complete maintenance or repair on any part of the filter system.

Looking for a Swimming Pool for your Esher home?

Might be before initiating your project work, you like to know about few essential details, such as considerations, advantages, cost and many more aspects. Having worked with lots of swimming pool construction work for years, we have encountered several questions which people often tend to ask when they initially begin their research.

So, here we are going to cover the mostly asked questions to make your project easier.

What kind of Swimming Pool design should I build for my house in Esher?

Fibreglass, concrete, and vinyl liner are three types of pools which often people opt for, any kind of pool will work perfectly in an indoor pool application.

However, before installing any, we recommend our clients to consider their backyard area, locality uses of the pool and a few other factors.

With the wide variety of swimming pool installation options in an array of round and oval sizes, you can choose any according to your preference and requirements. Plus, our expert services ensure the easy assembly of any design you choose, so that you’ll be swimming in no time.

What are the advantages of owning a pool in Esher?

As Esher has a warm climatic condition, most people like to have a swimming pool in their backyard for relaxing. Pools are the perfect option for summer days when you want a place to sit and relax.

  • Provides a Fun Family Activity - Many families do not get time to spend together without any distraction of electronics. Having a pool gives you playfulness of opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • Increases your Home Value -  The value of their home often increases, if you have a pool in your home. Like the other rooms, the pool is a permanent addition at your house that buyers generally appreciate. As per The National Association of Realtors, on an average in-ground swimming pool, often increase a home’s value by 9%.
  • A great way to workout -  Swimming is a great cardiovascular activity that helps strengthen the heart rate. Also, many professional athletes use pools to exercise, which help them to stay fit and energetic. You can also avail the benefits of your own swimming pool along with your family.
  • Improve the house appearance -  A well-designed swimming pool adds beauty and elegance to the landscape. It also enables you to create a tropical oasis in the luxury of your own home. Like you can mix pool water with a sapphire or crystal tile pattern to give a perfect touch.
  • Perfect place to hold parties - If you have kids at your home, who do not like to spend much time at home, it would be an incentive for them and for their friends. Without going anywhere, they can enjoy at your backyard pool with their friends. Pool parties are always fun for homeowners; you can invite your friends as well to enjoy. Pools are ideal for groups to gather on hot summers. For many homeowners with pools, throwing a party is as simple as buying drinks and barbecuing some steaks comfortably.

In summarization, the advantages of the pool are -

  • Can swim entire Year whenever you wish
  • Less maintenance and safety
  • Less chemicals get used in the inhouse pool in comparison to public pools.

Is it possible to build the base pool now and extend it later?

Yes! Of course, you can do this, we have also done that before. But it needs complete project planning. If you know the size of the construction site, you can empty the footings for the future design when the pool deck is poured.

What type of pool accessories should I consider for my house pool?

We get it, sometimes keeping water balanced and clear seems like a full-time job—more reason to add pool accessories, that it will help to put more enjoyment into your backyard.

Automatic Pool Covers

Though it is debatable whether automatic covers are worth the investment or not, we recommend our clients to have it for safety.

Wireless Floating Pool speaker

There is not a party without music, right!!! So, how you can forget to have a couple of wireless and waterproof floating pool speakers. Connect it easily to your smartphone, tablet to access your favourite playlists with volume control.

Waterfall Fountain & pool master

Regular water circulation helps in keeping the pool cleaner. Also having a fountain in the middle of the pool improves the entire beauty. It’s also super easy to install.

What qualities should I look for in a pool builder?

We agree that building a pool is a significant investment. Because in this, you not only invest your money but also it gives you a great way to keep you and your family mentally and physically fit. Also, it becomes a focal point of your yard. To avoid any kind of uncertainty, keep a few things in mind while hiring someone for your swimming pool construction work.

  • Certified and well experienced - The swimming pool company should have a valid certificate showing their level of skill along with the relevant work experience and qualifications in this field. As a poor pool construction can cost you so much in the future as area and the content has to be excellent there. Hence find a pool constructor who holds expertise and professional to get the work done correctly. Do your preparation before investing in a pool and identify some certified and experienced pool builders in Esher to get the work done.
  • Flexibility and availability -  Pool constructor should be flexible and available according to the contract, as some sign the deal and then disappear for weeks. Choose someone who is committed and keeps his word and has flexibility regarding payment options and work schedule.
  • Good communication skill -  Trust and a better working relationship with the contractor is a basic thing which each customer looks for. Well experienced and skilled builders understand the customer’s view and know how to handle different clients' mindset and possess excellent listening skills. Look for someone who answers all of your questions, without intimating you.

Well, we hope this all will help you!!

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