Custom Design Pool

Custom design pool in Virginia Water

After years of designing and building incredible swimming pools and outdoor pool houses, we’ve done it all. No project is too big, too small, or too complicated. Our innovative and functional design translates into low-stress, time-saving construction for you.


Concept Design

If you are looking to add an original, stunning visual element to your garden, Swimming Pool Builders, has a team of experienced designers to turn your vision into reality, all while staying within your budgetary, lifestyle, and design requirements.


Diverse Pool Styles

Our Swimming Pools in Virginia Water

From simple plunge pools to complex freeform designs, every swimming pool is built to enhance your lifestyle and express your personality. Our range of styles includes outdoor, indoor, infinity, garden, and basement pools.


Detail Technical Design

Our Swimming Pool designers can take any concept design and create a detailed technical drawing that can be used to build your dream pool. Our extensive knowledge of pool construction means that we can make informed choices when translating concepts into reality


Technical Maintenance

Swimming Pool Builders offer a full range of technical maintenance services for our clients. Each member of our technical team is capable of a wide range of services including water testing, PH Balancing, and complete maintenance or repair on any part of the filter system.

Ready to build a custom swimming pool for your house?

We have over 30 years of experience in building Swimming Pools in Virginia Water and across Surrey. We cover all including heating, filtration and ventilation systems. Our talented team can design and construct swimming pools of the highest quality with great attention to detail from stage one till completion.

Well, while having a swimming pool in your backyards sounds exciting, but may your yard is already distinguished with a lot of other things such as trees, lights, seating arrangements and others for throwing a perfect part.




How and where you can accommodate your swimming pool in Virginia Water?

Let's ignore the negativity instead drive your headfirst at planning to install a beautiful swimming pool. Also, you can contact any swimming pool designing and construction company as the area, and the content has to be excellent there where you want it to be.

We're going to share what you need to focus as a Virginia water resident before you build a swimming pool.

  • Need a pool permit -  before start working on your dream oasis, ensure to have building permits. For the Virginia water, if your planned swimming is going to hold more than 500 gallons of water or deeper than 24 inches or is over 150 square feet, you may need a permit. Generally, you may need to have below four permits for installing your pool - 
  • Pool permit
  • Electrical permit
  • Barrier permit
  • Gas permit

Though you can apply for a permit yourself, it would be helpful to help from any contractor as they have relevant experience and will be accountable for ensuring the project is up to code.

However, there are three more documents which you may require while applying for a permit.

  • A plot plan to show the proposed swimming pool distance
  • Construction drawings to show the detailed pool planning, including measurements of the pool, assembly instructions.
  • Swimming pool affidavit is an acknowledgement to know that you have understood all the needs and regulations for building a pool.

Might be all these regulations seem daunting, but you do not need to be stressed and do not lose your sleep over it. Professional swimming pool companies have specialization in this particular niche and can make your work easier.

Why Swimming Pool Builders?

But, again it all companies fulfil their promises. Transparency is a key factor for any work, and a very few companies stick to this exemplary professionalism. Furthermore, finding professional and good swimming pool constructors in Virginia water is quite challenging.

Here we are sharing a few essential criteria which stand reputed companies apart -

  • Tailored service - A well-experienced company always considers your requirements and provides customized service accordingly. A one-fits-all type of solution is imaginary, and everyone has their own preferences, ideas and budget. A reputed company does not hide anything with you, and after acknowledging your thoughts, they share a clear picture and try to come up with something which can fit for both you and your constructors, while having a perfectly customized plan to fulfil every customer's specifications.
  • Reasonable pricing -  It's a known fact that swimming pool construction does not come with pocket-cool pricing. But the cost should be aligned according to the industry standards. However, with a brow-raising low price, you may have to suffer quality. It is also the biggest challenge for a reputed company to balance quality, best output and reasonable price.
  • Unique style -  No one likes to have the same design, which already is with your friends or neighbours, right!!! This is also not a signature style of a well-known company, and neither should it be. Expert swimming pool designers always ensure to conceive and create unique and striking designs with proper functionality. This gives them a level of achievement and becomes their trademark which others cannot achieve.
  • Experience - Experience matters a lot, not just for constructing a pool, but in each field. It ensured that the work would be done as exactly as it was promised. No delay in delivery, no hidden charges or any unexpected surprises and no use of any mediocre quality materials! Giving your work to the experienced hands means you are free to plan your days when your pool will be ready for enjoying. have complete peace of mind and prepare a list to whom all you want to invite on your Virginia water swimming pool Inauguration.

So, now when you're here, let us tell you about swimmingpoolbuilders. We are a manufacturer and builders of world-class pools across Virginia water. We can talk about your different plans and options to help make your journey easier to becoming the owner of your own paradise.

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