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Swimming Pool Builders, the premier swimming pool design consultancy, believes in the profound significance of the design phase in any swimming pool project. This is the stage where we begin to truly comprehend our client's vision, laying the groundwork for a successful project.

We take immense pride in crafting these ideas into reality, designing spectacular swimming pools of the highest quality and superior technical functionality.

As a swimming pool building company in Surrey, we know that our clients' dreams and desires are unique and so should be our designs. Every swimming pool we craft isn't just a project to us - it's a piece of art, a labor of love.

Experience the seamless blend of aesthetic elegance and technical brilliance with Swimming Pool Builders. Let us help you bring your dream swimming pool to life. Your vision, our expertise. Together, we can create something extraordinary.


Swimming Pool Design Innovators in Surrey

At Swimming Pool Builders, we pride ourselves on being innovators in the swimming pool industry. Our unique approach and commitment to excellence set us apart in the high-end swimming pool and spa design market. We are known for successfully taking on challenging briefs that require bespoke engineering solutions to deliver exceptional designs with striking results.

Our reputation as a top swimming pool company extends beyond just building remarkable pools. Each project we undertake is treated as a unique opportunity to showcase our skills, and we thrive on delivering designs that exceed our clients' expectations.

Though our focus is predominantly based in the UK, with a significant presence in locations including London and Surrey, our expertise is not geographically bound. We are open to considering projects from across the globe, seeing them as exciting opportunities to apply our team's experience to new challenges and extend our innovation footprint even further.

Whether you're planning a residential spa retreat or a commercial luxury pool, our dedicated team of experts is ready to bring your vision to life. Trust Swimming Pool Builders to deliver outstanding design and unparalleled service, no matter where your project is located.


Diverse Pool Styles

Our Swimming Pools in Surrey

Whether you're seeking solace in solitude or creating a space for socializing, each swimming pool we design and build at Swimming Pool Builders in Surrey is a unique reflection of your lifestyle and personality. 

Our diverse range of Swimming Pools in Surrey includes:

Outdoor Pools – Make the most of the great outdoors with a beautifully designed pool that enhances your exterior landscape. Perfect for relaxation, entertaining, or family fun in the sun.

Indoor Pools – Enjoy the luxury of swimming year-round, regardless of the weather. Our bespoke indoor pools can be tailored to the design of your home, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

Infinity Pools – Experience the illusion of a pool that stretches into the horizon. Perfect for properties with panoramic views, infinity pools bring a sense of luxury and a unique aesthetic that never fails to impress.

Garden Pools – Turn your garden into a tranquil oasis with a beautifully integrated swimming pool. Our garden pools can be designed to fit seamlessly into your existing landscape, complementing the natural surroundings.

Basement Pools – Make use of every inch of your property with a bespoke basement pool. Ideal for urban dwellings or properties with limited outdoor space, these pools are the epitome of luxury and convenience.


Detail Technical Design

At Swimming Pool Builders, we take great pride in our reputation as Surrey's leading destination for bespoke swimming pool solutions. Our talented team is passionate about bringing your vision to life, whether you're dreaming of an outdoor oasis that enhances your landscape, a tranquil indoor pool for year-round relaxation, a sleek basement pool to optimise your space, or a specialist pool tailored to meet specific requirements. Each pool we construct in Surrey is the result of a harmonious blend of functional design and aesthetic appeal, uniquely tailored to suit your lifestyle and property.


Technical Maintenance in Surrey

Our highly trained team of engineers also offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance for swimming pools and spas. Our preventative and corrective maintenance services are designed to ensure that your pool or spa is always in prime condition, allowing you to fully enjoy your investment. We provide regular cleaning, carry out necessary repairs, offer equipment upgrades, and give professional advice to keep your pool or spa running smoothly.

As Surrey's leading swimming pool company, our commitment goes beyond just delivering high-quality work. We strive to provide superior customer service and ensure complete satisfaction from initial consultation to project completion, and beyond. Trust in Swimming Pool Builders to deliver a swimming experience that exceeds expectations.

Swimming Pool Builders Surrey 

Looking to build a Swimming Pool in Surrey? We are a specialist Swimming Pool construction company based in Surrey. We will help you in designing and installing your custom made swimming pool in Surrey.  If you are also planning to build your backyard swimming pool. In that case, it is great to know a few essential tips before initiating a big commitment. Everyone wants to make sure that they are working with pool builders who are competent, trustworthy, and highly recommended. 

Most of us often think to upgrade our property to enhance the aesthetic beauty and value. Having a swimming pool simply means-“summer, relaxation, exercise, fun”. However, it means a lot more than just having these meanings. The swimming pool is the most suitable way to get some luxurious space by adding value to the home.

Benefits of a Swimming pool in your Surrey Home

 Having your own personal, backyard oasis is a great way to relax and melt away plenty of influences by self.

  • Suitable for Low-impact exercise: The swimming pool is excellent for health as they offer a low-impact way to exercise. Swimming is also a great exercise for someone who is recovering from any injury. It has a way less pressure on muscles and joints.
  • Increases strength and stamina: You may think about how swimming can build your muscles? Let us tell you-swimming is an excellent and BEST way to build strength and muscle stamina. Just include a few different strokes in your swim, and you will start seeing a massive change in your body.
  • Relieves stress: Getting into a pool after a busy day affects our brain and reduces stress and anxiety. As per the survey, 75% of people agree that swimming helps release stress and tension.
  • Aqua therapy: Swimming pools come with a perfect aqua therapy environment. Regular swimming not only relieves stress, but also rejuvenates our body completely.
  • A cost-effective way for partying: If you have kids, you may vacation and take vacations at least once in the year. Well, normally swimming in your own pool does not sound so entertaining to you, but will definitely be a great way to party together with the entire family or your friends. Even your kids can invite their friends to spend some good time. You can save plenty of money by replacing vacations with pools. The bottom line for all these is all about that when you have a pool; you get the chance to spend more time with the people you care about.

Make your wish list for your Dream Surrey Pool

We often dream of having a swimming pool in our backyard, where we can spend our quality time with friends and family. During our planning years, we make so many plans before it actually becomes a reality. But surely you want some advanced enhancements in your pool and want to gather new ideas. So, conduct a little research on your own, or you can take help from experts to suggest you with the best layout of the pool by understanding how often you'll be using it and what for. Swimming pool constructor will help you with a wide range of materials, designs and blueprints that can really help to turn your dream into a reality.

Create inspiration from other Swimming Pools

It is almost impossible for most clients to describe their ideas into words. As the swimming pool company, we appreciate it when a customer comes to them with pictures. Most of the clients show swimming pool photo galleries or any pool picture from their holiday, which gives us a clear understanding of what they are exactly interested in and looking for. It also ensures to be on the same page with customers.

Research the three types of inground pools

It takes ample of time for searching right pool designs for home. You can build your pool out of concrete, fibreglass, and even vinyl. Finalizing the right pool design is the first step; the next step comes with coping, cleaning systems, filtering, and artistic finishing touches.

Find a trustworthy and experienced pool builder

For making your pool building process success, ensure to pick a seasoned swimming pool construction professional who has great understanding and skill in the same field. We are always ready to show you our previous work and our client's feedback and can answer any relevant questions you may have. 

Let's decide the shape of your Surrey Swimming pool

Building a swimming pool is critical as it needs to meet the aesthetic look which you want to achieve and the purpose of the pool. If you are looking for a timeless and classic look, rectangular pool design would be perfect for you. It is also an excellent option for those who want to have pool games and swimming laps. On the other hand, kidney-shaped pools and free-form pools can blend perfectly with surrounding nature and appear natural. As choosing a wrong pool design may not complement your lifestyle so, discuss your requirement and vision with us, and we will help you to get the best suitable one for you.

Don't neglect the weather condition of your area

The weather condition in your area can dictate certain pool building decisions. If you are living in the cold climatic region, you should go to a prolonged pool along with a heater. Those who are living in wet climates also acquire the benefits of having an indoor pool. You can find many pool designing options to opt from along with several good ideas to think about the pool design, and of course, your local weather can make them necessities.

Understand the uses of your Swimming pool

Ask yourself, why are you installing a swimming pool and who and how it is going to be used. Is it for your kids or it is going to be used as an investment, or a dramatic architectural change? You can use a slide or wading area might be a good idea. If you are building it for your kids, or install a water music system and lighting if you are looking to have your friends to enjoy. Being a client with clarity about what you want and what the purpose of the pool, gives your builders an idea of what they need to do.

Ensure to have features you want

Sticking with the budget is the safest bet, and inform your builder about it in advance. Retrofitting a swimming pool is not an easy task. Hence if your dream pool design includes the slide or the cascading waterfall over the slab of granite, then let your builder do that for you. No one likes to have the swimming pool; that's "not so perfect."

  • Understand everything the contractor provides you - A reputable pool builder has plenty of information to go through. Read all the written materials carefully before signing any contract.

Our team is always ready to hear about your dream project and help out. Contact us to get started with your project and enjoy your new pool!

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