What is the building process of a swimming pool?

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By now you must be aware that the swimming pool is a great addition to a big backyard. However, before enjoying your beautiful Pool, you might have to endure a few weeks of inconvenience in your backyard. Swimming Pool Builders are licenced builders with expertise and can help you to decide the suitable place for your Pool, preferred shape and depth.

The entire pool development process can be divided into three steps:


The very first step would be to mark the layout and place, and ensure we have all the permits for digging and to bring heavy equipment inside your property. It is also important to check underground utilities before starting to work. Sometimes you may be required to take a separate electrical permit (depends on area regularities).


Discuss with your architect about the layout shape, as you prefer a round, square, or rectangular shape including the depth of the pool, the entrance and exit. After finalising these details, we will set the base of your pool to keep it in place, then the bottom of the Pool will be shaped and smoothen. In residential swimming pools, we commonly use 1 of 3 surfacing materials: poured concrete, fibreglass, or vinyl. However, Swimming Pool Builders advise having concrete, as it is the most robust and most durable material.


After finishing the layout work, we will secure the structure of the pool to keep it in place. The next step would be smoothing and shaping the entire Pool and positioning the plumbing system and wiring. The last step would be framing the surrounding deck and walkway areas. Once this is complete, the Pool will be filled with water and it's ready for you to enjoy.