Beginner’s Guide for Building a Swimming Pool:

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Lounging beside a swimming pool on a warm summer day is a luxury. But the reality is, you need a million-pound budget to fulfil it and spend holidays abroad. However, there is an alternative option, and it is going to be for a lifetime, and you can have your own swimming pool.

In fact, as per the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association, residential pools demands are rising rapidly with each passing order. Installing a swimming pool in your own backyard gives you a feeling of enjoyment, luxury and safety. By following a few safety precautions, a swimming pool can leverage you with endless hours of entertainment without bothering about anything             .

Here we are sharing a different type of swimming pool along with their advantages and disadvantages, to give you a clear picture.


Inground Swimming Pools:


With unpredictable UK weather, having a sheltered pool just not allow you to enjoy the pool with family regardless of what it’s like outside but also allow you to spend some quality time.

Inground swimming pools consist of a hole in the ground which gets filled with a waterproof layer. You can reinforce the hole with concrete walls to make it more robust and stable. The layer may have a polymer or bituminous material with welded joints.

Advantages of the inground swimming pool:


Inground pools are very flexible in terms of shape and size. The great thing about an inground swimming pool is, it is very durable and has a long life expectancy. Also, the cost of construction is low in underdeveloped countries where labour cost is not expensive.


Disadvantages -


  • Needs to be designed correctly and well-constructed to avoid any kind of cracks and leaks.
  • It must be strong enough to endure ground movements.
  • The installation cost is much more expensive in developed countries where work is costly.
  • Often a significant construction project which tends to take longer time.

Fibreglass Pools


Fibreglass pools have a factory-made complete fibreglass liner which can directly get delivered from the factory and then elevated into an already prepared hole in the ground. These pools are commonly available in developed countries as there it has a large market to support a factory operation to construct them.


Advantages of fibreglass swimming pools

  • Low maintenance: The great thing about fibreglass pools is that it needs deficient care. It is non-porous and makes it practically bacteria and algae resistant. Which means you need to spend less money and time in keeping it clean.
  • Quick installation: As fibreglass swimming pools get manufactured off-site and just need to be installed, hence it takes almost 7-10 days to complete.
  • Strength & Durability: Fiberglass pools are robust and durable, and are cracks and punctures resistance.
  • Add value to your house: however, all kinds of swimming pools add significant value in your property, but fibreglass swimming pools modern designs, durability and compatibility with saltwater makes it stand apart.

Disadvantages Of Fibreglass Pools

  • It costs more in the installation of a fibreglass pool than any other pools. Additionally, it never needs to replace the liner.
  • You can’t customize the size or design of your Fibreglass pool.


Concrete Pools


Concrete is one of the most usually used elements in swimming pool construction. And the shell of the pool needs to be created by spraying either gunite or shotcrete. These pools come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and depths. A concrete pool is usually descended into the ground known as inground pools. descended


Advantages Of Concrete Pools

  • Customise The Shape And Design: The best advantage about concrete pools is that it allows you to customize them in any shape or design you love.
  • Durability: Concrete pools are incredibly durable, and the surface last around ten years before it needs resurfacing.

Disadvantages of a concrete swimming pool

  • Maintenance: The surface of a concrete pool is porous, which makes it an ideal place for algae and bacteria. It is also prone to algae infestations, which can be challenging to get rid of. To keep it clean and hygienic, you need to brush the interior surface frequently.
  • Chemicals: These types of pools need more chemicals to combat algae and bacteria issues. As concrete is alkaline-based, it may also increase the pH level of your pool water.
  • Not Suitable For Salt Chlorinators: Using salt in a concrete pool can be harmful as the salt particles can compromise the interior surface, which may lead to getting it resurfaced more frequently.
  • Lengthy installation time: Where Vinyl liner and fibreglass pools can be installed in a few weeks, concrete pools tend to take much longer than which can exceed 3 to 5 months.


A Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool


A vinyl liner pool comes with a custom made vinyl sheet between the water and the pool composition. This is very flexible and cannot crack like a concrete pool and is elementary to install and cost-effective.


Advantages Of A Vinyl Liner Pool

  • Cost-effective: Vinyl Liner swimming pools are very cost-effective and easy in installing. Most of the people go for it, as others may not fit into their budget.
  • Customization option: Generally, vinyl liner pools come in a rectangular shape; however, you do have the opportunity to customize the shape, depth, and size according to your pool requirement for an additional cost.


 Disadvantages Of A Vinyl Liner Pool


  • Replacement of Vinyl Liner: The biggest downfall to vinyl liner pools is that you have to replace the inner liner every 8-10 years.
  • Maintenance: It needs regular cleaning and maintenance. However, the liner of the pool is non-porous, seams and the pool ladder can be a spot for bacteria and algae growth.


Each pool has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose any according to our preference. However, if you are not sure which one will work great for you, take help from our experts.

We have expertise in constructing all kinds of swimming pools. Contact us, If you need any information regarding which pool option is best for you or want to install any pool, we are more than happy to help!