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Nowadays, swimming pools come with a wide range of design options, including size, shape, and styles. From freestyle pool to infinite pool classic rectangles pool, our portfolio includes all latest pool designs to satisfy all your needs.

Considering your budget, plot size, local codes, your requirement and availability of materials, we help you to decide with the best suitable type of pool for installing on your property.

Material plays a vital role in constructing your pool, hence let's first go through with the different types of material to choose from.

  • Concrete: This is one of the most preferable and most accommodating materials for constructing the swimming pool. Concrete is also an ideal material for customized pool building and while it gets combined with tile, coloured plaster, or stone aggregate, maximizes the beauty of the swimming pool.
  • Vinyl: Similar to concrete, Vinyl is great to use for all types of swimming pool designs. Here you get the infinite patterns and colours for the look of the pool's interior.
  • Fibreglass: Fibreglass pools are built from pre-manufactured moulds, and come with a range of colours, shapes, and styles. If you want any further customization for your Fibreglass pool, we can help you to enhance the pool's appearance with adding ceramic tile, custom jets, mosaics, and other water features.

Different Pool Shapes and Styles

Once you are decided with the material, we take you throughout designing a portfolio, to look at those popular pool shapes. One of our experts sits with you to understand your purpose and help you with a better idea of which options can be accommodated with perfection.

  • Infinity Pools: Also known as vanishing-edge or negative-edge pools, infinite swimming pools are very popular for its dramatic effects. Infinity pools are always custom-built, and it gives an illusion to flow over an edge into the neighbouring vista. Also, you may have a feeling that the water is dropping off over the edge of your property like a waterfall. We suggest an infinite swimming pool for those who have a property surrounded by natural lushness like wooded glens or palm tree groves.
  • Above-Ground Pool: Above ground swimming pool is an entirely attainable pool for the working or lower-middle class. The above-ground pools have become more appealing in a meagre economy with their lower price tags. With the more portable type of swimming pool, it allows owners to have the desired pool in their budget. It is also easier to build over certain types of land and rocky areas.
  • Perimeter-Overflow Pools: By using an optical illusion to mimic mirrors and flat deck surfaces, in this type of swimming pool water flows all around which function like a 360-degree vanishing edge. If you look at it from the overhead, it will appear like a flat surface. Concrete, Vinyl, and fibreglass pools all can easily get incorporated with this type of pool.
  • Architectural Pool: Just as the name shows, architectural swimming pools comes with a range of designs and must have structure and definite lines. We suggest using the same materials to give it a cohesive look. It generally has a geometric and sophisticated shape and gets designed by our expert architect. If you are planning to build a house, build your architectural pool at the same time, to complement the layout and size of the house.
  • Rectangle and Lap Pools: If you have a perfect combination of a modern, luxurious and traditional type of house, this classic pool design is a perfect option for you to remain the ageless elegance of your property. As it never goes out of the style, we have used it also for many traditional types of houses to coordinate perfectly with its surroundings—many of our clients enjoy using this pool for exercise and swimming laps, and it gives freedom to a swimmer for strokes and turns.
  • Recreational Swimming Pool: Don't worry, if you do not have sufficient space and budget. This swimming pool design is ready to give you a glance of a mini water ark. You can enjoy with your family here, as it appeals to all age people. If you like to entertain throughout the year with noise, exercise, and excitement, this is the pool of your dreams.
  • Indoor pool: Indoor pools are the best option for those who don't like public places and want a pretty straightforward swimming pool inside their house. These pool types are more straightforward one and come in geometric shapes and are produced for swimming or training throughout the year. So, this is the best type if you are considering your pool to use for the entire year.
  • Freeform Pools: If you want to incorporate a pool into an asymmetrical area that's already developed, a freedom swimming pool would be an excellent choice for you. It is called a freedom pool, as it doesn't follow any particular shape and size and become whatever the designer wants to make it to give an ideal look to the property. With imaginative landscaping, lighting, a secret oasis a freeform pool can mimic for a tranquil waterway.
  • Natural pool: The concept of a natural swimming pool was introduced in the 1980s. These self-cleaning swimming pools get designed in a freeform, rustic style with boulders and waterfalls. Skimmers and pumps circulate the water and draw it across the wall. Its friendly bacteria walls work as a biological filter and keep the water clean.

Here we have shared a glimpse of our pool designs. Feel free to get in touch to know more about.


Swimming pool builders are experienced and trusted with the best design and known to build luxurious swimming pools. We are an expert designer and build a wide range of swimming pools for private residences, Home Counties and commercial installations. We are a highly reputable and innovative company and provide a variety and choice for our every pool project. Our construction work includes proper construction planning, engineering, and testing expertise that enable our designers and architects to provide the desired pool with exceptional standards, on time and on budget.

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