15 tips to overcome space limitations for building an inground pool

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Swimming pools are a common thing now and almost everyone wants a private aquatic retreat at their place. These swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes and it is a great opportunity for the builders to cash in on this opportunity. If these swimming pools are average or huge, it is no problem for the owner and they can enjoy the pool however they like but the scope of activities narrow down when the size of the pool is limited.

These miniature or small swimming pools are also very common and it is really easy and affordable to have these pools and here are some tips to overcome the space limitations.

15 tips to overcome space limitations for building an inground pool -

  • Follow the space  -

Following the shape of the backyard or the deck is a great way to make use of the available space and it creates a good look for the pool too. You can map out the deck or the backyard part and use the remaining area for the swimming pool. The shape and size of the pool depending on the amount of space you want to be leaving for the deck.

  • Incorporate walls -

It is always a viable option to push the pool to a corner and to incorporate walls on the corner of the pool. This creates several opportunities as you save a lot of space and you can also decorate the upper part of the wall with some decorations or plants. This wall can also separate your property from your neighbors.

  •  Design vertical with water features -

When you have limited space and a small pool, the number of things you can do with a pool are limited and this is when you can use your creativity. Waterfalls and fountains always look pretty and to make the pool even more attractive, you can design a vertical wall, or have a higher ramp and incorporate a waterfall from these structures. This makes the pool look stylish and modern.

  •  Use any pockets -

Your backward might not be exactly suitable for building a pool and having trees and pillars can make it hard to have a pool. You can use these pillars or trees to your advantage and build a pool around them and ten create small pockets for a tanning ledge, spa, bench, etc. Using this space effectively will be the key to overcoming space limitations.

  •  Make steps do double duty -

Almost all swimming pools have a separate place for tanning and have steps so that people can sit with just their feet in the water. Adding steps and a dedicated tanning space is great because you might not feel like getting into the pool entirely but feel like getting the pool experience. This designing tactic can be applied to all types of pools and for all designs.

  •  Go shallow -

It is always a great option to go for a shallow pool, these shallow pools are great for children and are not too dangerous. It is easier to maintain these pools because they are easy to clean, take up fewer chemicals, are easy to fill up, and can be drained easily.

  •  Play with half a deck -

It is a common practice for people to surround the whole pool with the deck and this makes the pool look great but when the space is limited, covering all the sides with the pool might be not the wisest of choices. You can push the pool to a corner and have more space than the deck. This creates more space.

  • Build an inside spa -

Building a spa is a great idea and having this spa inside the pool is even better. There is no need to fill the spa with water separately and treat it again. The required tech can be fitted into the pool and maintaining the spa is easy too.

  •  Swim in place -

Swim in place technology is one of the most recent technologies and this allows you to swim or practice your aquatic workout in a single place. You can swim in the same place as the jets run water around you. Some pumps create currents and waves and this technology is totally fun and effective.

  •  Unite a pool and spa -

Why spend money on creating a spa and a pool separately when you can have the best of both worlds. The advantage of small pools is that the space is limited and you can use this space and add all the technology you want. This makes it a great option to add spa equipment and when you don't want the spa experience you can turn off the pumps and use it as a swimming pool.

  •  Build flush -

If you have a fireplace or a kitchen by your deck, having a build flush can be a great option. This build flush is like a canal that runs around your kitchen or your fireplace and you open the flush, the water from the fool will start flowing into these water channels and you will have a pretty view around your fireplace or your kitchen.

  •  Substitute the hydrotherapy -

If you don't have the budget to have a spa attached to the pool you can add jets to a pool bench or loveseat to achieve a portion of the hydrotherapy experience. These jets and water sprays help the body relax and will definitely help in blowing off the stress.

  • Decorate the sides -

Decoration always helps to bring out the best in the surroundings and you can extensively decorate the sides of the pool and everything around it with plants and other stuff to make it attractive.